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The Competitive Advantages Companies, LLC are full-service insurance brokers focused on finding robust employee benefit and commercial insurance plans that meet your company’s unique needs. Our skilled insurance agents draw on experience and insight to explore plans that meet your criteria and fit your budget. We work with a broad range of insurers in New Jersey, New York and throughout the United States, so we are confident we can find a comprehensive plan that works for your small, mid-sized or large business.

Business is all about relationships — the most critical of which is the one between employer and employee. A key-building block — and opportunity — in that relationship can be the company’s benefit package. Implementing the most suitable benefits plan becomes a good business strategy. For most businesses, that raises a question: how do you offer the best benefits while controlling the bottom line? That’s where Competitive Advantage comes in. We are benefits specialists who know that offering employees just the right combination of benefits at a reasonable cost can translate into a competitive advantage for your company when seeking to hire and retain the best people. When an employer takes care of its employees, the employees will take care of business! It’s about morale. Show them respect and make them happy with great benefits, and they’ll work harder and make your business more successful.

Christian Peter

President , The Competitive Advantage Companies

How We Work

The Competitive Advantage Companies are built on the combined experience of our staff. Our people apply their wisdom to your situation, helping you choose precisely the right plans and programs to suit your business or personal needs. We research plan options from local and national insurance carriers to ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision for your company.

Knowledgeable and Focused on Customer Service

With years of financial services experience, Competitive Advantage professionals are the insurance specialists for the 21st century — prepared to serve the needs of businesses, families and individuals. We foster relationships and seek to understand our clients’ needs so we can design, implement and service a variety of customizable employee benefits, life insurance and annuity products, and property & casualty insurance needs. Our specialists can help you, your family or your business develop an overall insurance and benefits strategy that provides the best coverage for the best value.

If you’ve got questions, our specialists have answers. Let us work with you to develop more than an insurance plan. Let’s develop a complete benefits strategy!

Christian Peter

President, The Competitive Advantage Companies

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